$5 upgrade from 2.x
Latest final version:
3.8.5 (1 Aug. 2011)
Mac OS X only

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Latest beta version:
 Short Info
This application shows up all printing characters of selected font.
With this application you can insert character you can't even dream to get from keyboard!
 3.0 and up: Mac OS X 10.2 and up, PPC or Intel
 1.4.2 to 2.4: Mac OS 9 and up with CarbonLib 1.5, or Mac OS X
 1.2.1 - System 7.5 and up (68K & PPC)
 Main features of CharView 3.x (full documentation is here)
  • system-wide utility window (floating above documents windows)
  • menu icon (small icon shown in menubar, CharView main window     hidden before the user moves the mouse pointer into this icon)
  • view font symbols in ASCII (256 chars) or Unicode (entire font)
  • auto-zoomed (magnified) symbol in table without a click
  • copy symbol to the clipboard and insert it into the frontmost     application with one click
  • insert symbol, it's HTML entity, decimal or hexadecimal code into     the frontmost application with one click from contextual menu
  • fully resizable window
  • up to 20 of the last used fonts remembered
  • fonts grouped by families for fast searching of fonts
  • editable font name field for fast switching fonts
  • works with all native OS X, OS X Classic applications
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    Version 3.8.5
    (592K, Universal, zip)
    English, Russian,
    French, German

    Version 3.8.3
    (592K, Universal, zip)
    English, Russian,
    French, German

    Version 2.4
    (184K, sit)
    English, Russian, French, German
    Version 1.4.2
    (40K, sit, bin)
    Version 1.2.1
    (40K, sit, bin)
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    Version 3.0
    (30K, gif)
    (100K, jpeg)
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